These big issues can be included in Modi-Trump talks

By: AAJTAK News Bureau | Last Updated: Monday, 26 JUNE 2017 8:22 AM
Prime Minister Narendra Modi has reached America on the second leg of his foreign tour, where he will meet US President Donald Trump. This is the first meeting between the two leaders, on which the countries of the world are watching the country including Pakistan and China. There may be discussions on all issues including terrorism, Modi visa and Trump, H-1B visa, China's one belt one road project, South China Sea. Earlier, there was great friendship between PM Modi and former US President Barack Obama. The two leaders also visited each other's countries several times. During the Obama administration, PM Modi himself went on a four-time US tour. This is their fifth US tour, but after the Trump has become the President, he has reached America for the first time.

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NASA announcement: live-stream the space agency's latest exoplanet discovery It's not aliens. It's never aliens.
Updated by Brian Feb 22, 2017, 11:00am EST

Wednesday at 1 pm Eastern, NASA will announce findings on a discovery outside our solar system. No, it's not aliens. It's never aliens. Rather, NASA is eager to tell us about new exoplanets - planets that orbit stars other than our own - it has found. UPDATE: NASA has discovered 7 Earth-like planets orbiting a star just 40 light-years away The announcement will be streamed on NASA TV, which you can watch right here:

The past few years have seen an explosion in the discovery of planets outside our solar system. Astronomers have now confirmed 3,442 exoplanets in the galaxy, and they think there could be 100 billion or more in total.
But NASA and astronomers around the world aren't just hunting for any ordinary planets. They're particularly focused on the search for planets in the "habitable zone" of star systems, meaning, in theory, that water could exist on the surface in a liquid form. Finding Earth-size, potentially habitable planets is believed to be the first step to finding other life in the universe.
After identifying these planets, astronomers can observe them more closely and investigate whether their atmospheres contain oxygen, methane, or other telltale gases that signify life.
Last year, astronomers at the European Southern Observatory and the Pale Red Dot project found a potentially habitable planet orbiting the star closest to our own, Proxima B. (Though it may be located dangerously close to its star's radiation to support life. And actually getting to Proxima B is a whole other story.
Will today's announcement be as exciting? It's possible.
Further reading on exoplanets:
Want to find life outside our solar system? Follow this 7-step guide.
Last year astronomers found a new planet that could potentially support life — and it's really, really close.
Watch planets orbit a star 129 light-years away.
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NASA has discovered 7 Earth-like planets orbiting a star just 40 light-years away

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Why South Koreans now live longer than Americans

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Scientists aren't happy with Trump. So what are they going to do about it?

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3 Mumbai youths leave country to join ISIS

By: ABP News Bureau | Last Updated: Monday, 21 December 2015 9:44 AM
New Delhi: Central agencies' inability to stop Indian youths from getting influenced by the ISIS again came to fore with three Mumbai youths managing to leave country to join the dreaded group.
According to reports, three youths from Mumbai's Malwani area have left the city. Their family members have approached the police.
All the three youths left the city by making excuses to the family members. While 23-year-old Ayaz Sultan left on October 30, saying he was going to Pune regarding a job interview in Kuwait company, 26-year-old Mohsin Sheikh left on December 16, saying he was going to attend a friend's wedding. 15-year-old Wajid Sheikh said he was going to get his Aadhar card corrected on December 16. Neither of them returned.
"The three men from the same neighbourhood are close friends. Their families told us they were planning to leave the country for some time now. They were even saving up to fund their travel. The radicalisation and exchange of information was through the Internet. We have confiscated several items from their houses and are investigating," a senior ATS officer told Mid-day.
Ayaz is a college dropout and was enrolled in a computer course. Mohsin is a graduate. Wajid is an auto driver.
Police have sought help of central agencies to track the men.
In May 2014, four youngsters from Kalyan traveled to Syria to join the ISIS .

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Islamic State radicalisation: Top 10 points by PM Modi to tackle the issue

India TV News Desk [ Updated 21 Dec 2015, 08:07:53 ]
New Delhi: Amidst mounting concerns over radicalisation of youths by Islamic State,a nationwide effort has been launched to deradicalise some of the youngsters who may have been influenced by its ideology.
Muslim clerics, intelligentsia and leading members of the community are at the forefront of this initiative. Different ministries and government departments both at the Centre and states, including IT, social welfare, Home and Minorities Affairs, are also working in tandem.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi speech on Sunday at the concluding session of the 3-day DGPs conference, highlighted the major concerns and what he expected from relevant authorities to tackle this issue.
Here are top 10 points PM Narendra Modi speech contained:
1. Narendra Modi made a strong pitch for a “flexible instructional framework'' under which police should establish links with local communities.
2. PM Modi said, “Sensitivity should be a vital element of policing and a flexible institutional framework should be built, which can help imbibe sensitivity towards citizens in the police force.''
3. The Prime Minister told police officers that local communities must be taken into confidence in policing and technology should be used in tackling crimes. “Police forces should establish links with local communities and one way of doing this is to celebrate the successes and achievements of people in the community,'' he said.
4. Prime Minister said when people visit police stations to celebrate their achievements, they would also develop a greater understanding and respect for the work done by police officers.
5. PM Modi said, “In this exercise, people people in a community should identify with police stations.''
6. Modi also sought greater interaction between the police forces of neighbouring districts across inter-state borders.
7. PM Modi expressed happiness over the quality and depth of the discussions during the three-day conference and observed that this was an indication of the dedication and professional competence of the police force.
8. PM Modi called for a clear roadmap to implement the recommendations that emerged from the conference.
9. The Prime Minister said the discussions and inputs involved both junior and senior officers, from across the country, and this had helped break silos, which is a significant achievement.
10. The Prime Minister praised the dedication and selfless service put in by the police officers, and their commitment to duty, which he said was the essence of the nationu2019s security, the statement said.